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MES Software: Asset Management in EZ-MES

Equipment Definition Form / Dialog

All information of an Equipment Definition can be configured on the Equipment Definition Form. The form can be used to create new Equipment Records.

How to...

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  • Use the Start New Equipment Record Section

The figure below shows a screen shot for this Form / Dialog. Below this screen shot the different form sections will be discussed.

Form with Equipment Definition Information

The form consists of the following parts:

  • Status and creation information, this section in the upper left corner shows when and by whom the Equipment Definition was created. The state and the icon show the current State of the Equipment Definition.
  • Previous an Next Button

    The state of the Equipment Definition can be changed by pressing the 'Next' button in the upper right corner. At the moment the Equipment Definition can move back, a Previous button will be shown as well. The sequence of states for a Equipment Definition: Pending -> Active -> Closed.

  • Control buttons on the left:
  • Tabs

    The General Tab (with the home icon, most on the left) is the default tab and the form opens with this tab on top. Below the different tabs will be discussed.