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MES Event Management: E-mail Notifications

Templates for E-Mail Notifications

EZ-MES can be configured to send out automatic email notification when the Trigger of an certain Event evaluates as true. For these E-Mails, templates can be defined. These templates can link to information in the EZ-MES Database.

These E-Mail templates belong to the Controlled Document EZ-MES Object.

How to...

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How to create an E-Mail Template

To create an E-Mail Template, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Create new Controlled Document
  2. Make sure that you select Email from the Document Type: pulldown.
  3. Define Variables (like specific part information) you would like to use within the E-Mail
  4. Create an HTML file with your text and formattting.
  5. Upload the HTML file. NOTE: Only a single HTML file should be uploaded for EMail Documents.

The following figure shows the Controlled Document Form, configured for an E-Mail template:

How to create an email template with linked variables and standard replacement strings on the Document Form.

Almost any information in the EZ-MES database can be linked into the E-Mail. This can be done by creating variables on the Controlled Documents Form. The names of these variables can be used in the E-Mail template. Add them to the template file and enclose them with <%VARNAME%>. In this case VARNAME should be a defined name on the Controlled Documents Form. You can use a simple text editor like Notepad to make these changes.

Predefined Strings

Within the E-Mail template a number of predefined strings can be used that will be replaced by actual values when the E-Mail is sent out. The following strings are available:

  • <%sEMJob%>: Will insert the Job Number for the E-Mail
  • <%sTime%>: Date and time the E-mail was sent
  • <%sDefaultWebPath%>: Default path to get to the web server
  • <%sSubject%>: Is connected to the Subject field on the Controlled Documents Form.

E-Mail template example

The following figure shows an example of an Email template. In this example 4 variables of the Controlled Document are linked and a couple of standard replacement strings are used. In case you would like to learn more about HTML syntax...

This specific file belongs to the Document Form shown higher on this page.

How to create an email template with linked variables and standard replacement strings

It is possible to add links to your E-Mail that will link to specific objects with EZ-MES. If the user is not logged in, the system will ask for the login credentials. After logging in the specific form will be opened.

<a href="<%sDefaultWebPath%>LogIn.aspx?JobNo=<%sJob%>" target=""_blank""><%C%></a>

The following figure shows an example template:

How to create an active hyperlink into an email template