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Online Documentation: Operator Manual

How to use the Traveler Form

A Traveler Form shows the Traveler information and consists of multiple areas, as shown in the following figure:

Done Button to move traveler to the next step

The sections below will discuss each of the Areas in more detail:

  • Main Action Button

    Create New Parts On a Traveler Pick Parts with the Part Grabber for the Traveler Start Button to Start the Processing of the Travelers Stop Button to finish processing and mover traveler to the next step Done Button to move traveler to the next step
    The Main action button appears in the upper right corner. The main action button shows the preferable action to get the Traveler to the next state:

    Learn more about the Traveler Lifecycle

  • Print and Refresh Buttons

    Print Traveler in new Browser Window Print Preview in new Popup Window Refresh the Form
    At the top of the form the buttons can be pressed to refresh the form, to get a Print Preview in a new popup, and to Print the Traveler in a new Browser Window. By using the Print Preview, you are able to adjust the settings for the Print Out, this way you can configure what information is printed on the Traveler.

  • Status and Creation Information

    Traveler is waiting to be processed Traveler is in Processing State
    Section that shows that the main state of the Traveler is Active, who created the Traveler and when it was created. The Icon represents Process State of the traveler, the Red Gears represents INPROCESS and the stopwatch means the Traveler is CUED to be processed.

  • Control Function Buttons

    Button to place a Part from a Traveler to a Hold Traveler
    Dependent on the access rights of the user different control buttons can be available for the user. For operators on the Hold button is available to place Part on from the Traveler to a Hold Traveler.

  • Tabs

    Tabs can be used to access different sections of the traveler. The following tabs are available:

    • General: Main entry point for Travelers
    • Attached Parts: Will show the attached Part Records
    • Specs: Get an overview of the Specification of the current parts that are traveling on this Traveler.
    • Instructions: Will show a list of documents specifically for this Operation. Click this tab to find the Work Instructions.
    • Attachments: To add attachements to this Traveler, e.g. to report defects.
    • Blog: Add a blog entry to this Traveler
  • General Information Section

    General traveler Attributes, will show the Current Step (Click the name to open the Step Definition

  • Configurable Data Entry Section

    Travelers can be configured to collect custom data for specific steps. There are different kinds of data entries that can behave differently. Learn more...

  • List of Attached Part Records

    Click one of the Part Records in this list to open the Part Record Form.

The way a Traveler form will show depends on the Main State and the Sub-State of the Traveler and the way the Flow Definition that

Main Action Button

The Main Action Button is dependent on the situation of the Traveler:

  • Create Parts

    The traveler is in the first Step of the flow

  • In the first Step to pick parts
  • In any follow up step

The difference determines the

Configurable Data Part