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List of All Desktops

The EZ-MES User-interface is controlled by Desktops. Dependent on your user rights and your EZ-MES configuration not all desktops have to be visible. The tabs on the left will let you switch between the different Desktops.

The following figure shows the tabs with the coresponding labels. In the upper left corner a couple of general functions can be accessed.

Overview of all the desktops used in the EZ-MES system

The following Desktops are Available:

Default Desktop

The Execution Desktop is the Default Desktop. It will show up after you login. On this Desktop you can get a quick overview of the current situation by doing one of the following:

  • List all Lots
  • List travelers (Active, All and Hold Travelers)
  • List All parts, and see summaries per Part State in the Part - State Matrix
  • And get reports for WIP to see where everything currently is, and a throughput report, showing how much happened any given time interval

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