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Online Documentation: Trouble Shooting

Error Message: 'ERROR!!' In configurable Data Entry Section

It is possible that data entry fields in the Configurable Data Entry Section on the Traveler Form.

A cause for this error message could be that the Configuration of a Flow Definition - Step Definition - NV Value changed while the Traveler was active. If you want to prevent these situations from happening, a better way would be to use Flow Definition Revisions.

The following figure shows an example of the error message, and how you can fix it by clicking the Recalc button.

ERROR!! Message display and how to solve it

Possible other ways you can solve this:

  • Split the Traveler with all the Part to new Traveler, it will refresh all the Data Entries for the Part Records
  • Reposition the Parts to the Same Traveler and Step
  • Put the part on Hold and pull them back on the Traveler

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