EZ-MES: Manufacturing Execution System

EZ-MES Pricing

The following table shows the pricing for EZ-MES.

Configuration Option EZ-MES Service Contract Hosting
Perpetual license hosted by EazyWorks $40,000 $7,000 / year $2,750 / year *
Perpetual license hosted by you $40,000 $7,000 / year NA
Lease term of 1 year $24,000 included included *
Lease term of 1 month $2,500 included included *

* 'EZ-MES Basic' Hosting Plan.

A couple of things to note:

  • Unlimited number of users
    The pricing of EZ-MES is a server license, so it is NOT based on the number of users that will use the system. We charge a fixed price independent of the number of users. You are in control of your own accounts and can create or disable them as needed.
  • Service contract
    When you buy the perpetual license, we will require that you will at least purchase a one year support contract at the same time. The price of the service contract is based on 17.5% of the current list price for a perpetual license. The service contract includes the following:
    • 20 support hours a year
    • Free updates
  • Complete scalable solution for hosting
    The hosting plan in this table is our shared basic plan. If you grow out of this basic plan and need more computing resources, no problem, we can upgrade you to a higher plan within hours and with minimal disruption to your business operations. More information about hosting.

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