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EazyWorks Inc. is privately held and founded in 2005. We offer browser based applications and services for small high-tech manufacturing companies. We are headquartered in Monrovia, California.

Our story

The EazyWorks team has extensive hands on experience in High Tech Manufacturing. When we operated a fiber optic component manufacturer we ran into the limits of Excel (The de facto world number one production tracking system). To cope with higher production volumes we needed a production tracking system with the following requirements:

  • Affordable, we were just a small company of about 40 people, with a limited budget
  • We should be able to configure the system ourselves without needing a small army of consultants
  • The system should be flexible, handle many different operations, dicing, assembly, wafer processing etc
  • The system should be able to track complex product genealogy, with non-discrete materials like glues for example
  • The system should be simple to use for the operators and have an intuitive user interface to help reduce input errors
  • The system had to be able to cope with fast changes, production changes, new production flows etc
  • All stored information has to be open and simple to access using analysis programs like MATLAB and JMP
  • Low IT overhead

We ended up developing a production tracking system ourselves. This wasn't an ideal situation either. It took quite some time to implement, and the platform we chose, Microsoft Access, proved to be a pain to maintain across the entire company.

Realizing that there are a lot more high tech manufacturing companies out there with similar challenges, we decided to start EazyWorks. Using our experience, both the good and the bad, we developed the tool we wished we had when we were running manufacturing operations. And to be honest, we have succeeded.


Better information supply will lead to better decision making, which will improve your bottom line. We developed a system that will help you answer questions fast and efficiently. We will continue to develop this system to address new questions that will surface in the manufacturing environment.

Meanwhile we keep the total Cost of Operation low by using browser based technologies, thus eliminating most IT overhead. We make our systems straight forward to operate, simple to enter and retrieve data but also easy to configure. This all results in a lower cost for your organization, and will free up time so that you are better prepared to make informed decisions.

While developing our system we continuously monitor the different users:

  • Management (enter in the orders and get the real-time processed data)
  • Operators (enter the real data on the work floor)
  • IT/Engineers (to configure the system)

And last, we think it is very important to set up a system with a bottom up approach, the real data of your company is generated on the work floor. We will take care that the data entry at that point is simple and real-time. From there it is just data processing.


We are very fortunate to have started developing our system using the latest technologies. That is one big advantage being relatively new in the market. We don’t have to deal with the integration of legacy code.

By using a browser based approach we don't have to spend any time on support for all the different computer operating systems and platforms. To develop the browser based application we use JavaScript on the Client side (Thin Client), and AJAX to communicate to .NET / SQL Server based back end.

We also have the benefit of a fully tested and utilized Amazon AWS EC2 computing cloud. This allows us to give virtually infinite growth and scalability if needed without any migration hassles or equipment investments. Contact us for more details.

Manufacturing Execution System

Learn more about EZ-MES, the Manufacturing Execution System from EazyWorks.

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