Who uses EZ-MES

The Manufacturing Execution System EZ-MES is targeted for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies who need excellent tracking and tracing capabilities, need to comply to quality standard and regulations, need to collect and analyze production and product data in real time or need to be very flexible and operate in fast changing environments.


Some of the characteristics of our customers

Our customers can be characterized by one or more of the following topics:

  • Small to mid-sized (10-500 Employees)
    • From Low to High tech
    • From established facilities, to Start-Ups
    • From one production location, to global multiple production locations
  • Flexible and adaptive to changes
    • Tangible serialized products
    • Early Production stage
    • Many product iterations and short production runs
    • Possibly High Product Mix
  • Data Driven
    • Extensive Data Collection
    • Calculated values for Pass / Fail Criteria
    • Products with different specifications
  • Challenging tracing requirements
    • Dicing and assembly operations
    • Traceability requirement for mixing of batch materials
    • Tracing of lots consisting of serialized parts
    • Including suppliers and customers in the chain
  • Requirement to connect different data sources
    • Equipment interfaces
    • Interaction with other systems
    • Labview integration


Different domains and sectors

 EZ-MES is used straight out of the box in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Retail equipment & tools
  • Defense
  • Fiber Optics
  • Flexible Displays
  • Forensic Devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • MEMS
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar
  • Etc. Etc.



Here are some remarks made by our customers who use EZ-MES:

Bob Prunty (Cornelius)

"Simple cloud based system that did not burden current IT department workload. Efficient implementation process with tremendous customer support. Integration into current business processes went seamlessly. Ease of use from the operator point of view was a critical requirement and EZ-MES passed with flying colors. Went from paper-based process to paperless process within hours."

Dan  Bernhard (Berkeley LightS)

"EZ-MES provides a great sandbox environment with built in modules which can be manipulated and organized to the business needs. As a scaling technology manufacturing company we were still refining our process flows and needed the power of a data repository to provide direction on where improvements were needed but a system that was flexible to the adjustments and development that was on our roadmap. This system fit those needs quite well."

Ron Moeller (FLIR / Aerius Photonics)

"I would describe it as an easy to use, highly flexible system, with great support. Also, the team of EazyWorks understands manufacturing and can easily cater to your process."

Carl Taussig (HP Palo Alto)

"As we ramp our manufacturing capabilities, a manufacturing execution system is critical for us to adhere to high-quality standards while remaining cost conscious. After an extensive evaluation, EZ-MES was selected because we found it to be the most flexible product for making the constant changes necessary to support an evolving manufacturing process, plus it was the most cost effective. An unexpected benefit was its ability to easily handle remote access in a secure IT environment."

Keith Easler (Lumedyne Technologies Inc.)

"EazyWorks allows us to use our current resources without needing specialists or additional staff to help us manage our WIP information. EazyWorks offered the flexibility and functionality that provided a fast turn-around for set up and implementation, EZ-MES reporting enabled informative details on spotting trends, and has an intuitive customizable user interface that does not require a steep learning curve. The set up and support received from EazyWorks made implementation fast and simple but more importantly let us learn good configuration practices and what to do for all our future MES requirements."

Jim Russell (Vicor Custom Power)

"We have used EZ-MES for over a year now and are migrating all of our shop floor control over to it from a manual system. The system is powerful and provides lots of flexibility. I would recommend the system to anyone based on both what it can do, and on the great support they give the product."