Watch videos about EZ-MES and tracking in real-time Equipment Performance, how to use MiddleWare to Interface with Scada and Equipment and how to track Wafer maps.

Real-Time Equipment Performance and Status in EZ-MES

The following video demonstrates an extension for EZ-MES that displays the real-time state of equipment on the production floor. This is done by showing the layout of the production floor with on top of it the current state of the monitored equipment. Historic changes are displayed in time-bars and equipment performance metrics are shown in intuitive pie charts.





Interfacing EZ-MES with Scada and Equipment using Middleware

The following video demonstrates the use of the EZ-MES API to interface with SCADA systems and equipment using a middleware layer, in this case Node-RED. By doing so, EZ-MES can be used to fully track equipment measurements for all produced Parts.





Track Wafer maps in EZ-MES

The following screen video  shows an EZ-MES extension for tracking Wafer Maps. This extension consists of a custom Javascript/jQuery front-end and a Python Anaconda back-end. This extension uses the EZ-MES API to upload the Wafer Map to EZ-MES where it is added to a Traveler. Next, both the Wafer Maps as well its data points can be fully tracked.