Acquisition, Collection and Analysis of Data

Using EZ-MES you can collect all critical data of your manufacturing process. This will enable you to make well informed decisions that will improve your bottom line. EZ-MES will allow you to have a seamless integration of your production tracking, WIP, Inventory and process data acquisition. EZ-MES data collection features are:

  • Unlimited number of entries of different input types per process step
  • Data entries can be made required or optional
  • Connection with Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Batch data entries will be stored on each individual part of the batch
  • Real time and accurate, when the data is entered in at the point of production, it is immediately available for analysis
  • Data can be collected on process, products and equipment
  • Data capture at the point of origin
  • Unlimited number of users, so no reason not to use it everywhere, and always identify who entered what
  • The user interface for operators to enter data is kept as simple as possible
  • Fast and Simple export of any data to Excel
  • Support of Barcode reader to enter data, or to open product or equipment records to enter data
  • Graphical display using R


Configurable ways to enter data

EZ-MES can be configured so that operators can enter step or product specific data when travelers move through the different steps of a production flow. The data entries will appear as input fields on the electronic Travelers.

The blocks below show how EZ-MES can be configured to collect flow and step data.