Resource Management and Status

EZ-MES takes care of the following:

  • Resource Management
    The main resources for operations can be defined. And dependent on those resources, instances can be created.
    • Equipment Definitions, and Equipment Instances with Unique Equipment ID's can be created.
    • Users, EZ-MES enables Labor Skill Definition by Creating Roles, these Roles can be used to block or allow users to perform specific Operations. This is defined on the Step Definition Roles tab. (Any combination of roles can be assigned to a user)
    • Part Records, are used to track Material. Each Part Record is connected to a Part Definition, which controls the BOM, drawings, and other configuration settings. Part Records are either created by the purchasing process, or manufacturing operations.
    • Because Equipment can only be connected to operations through the definition of a Data Entry on a Step Definition, the system ensures through the Step Definition configuration that for each operation the correct Equipment is used.
    • Documents like Work Instructions are connected to the Traveler making them directly accessible to the Operator. The configuration of the Step Definition defines which documents will be available at which Step.


  • History for Resources
    For all main: Equipment, Part Records (Material), Users (Labor), Configuration (Work Instructions), EZ-MES keeps a full history of what happened. On the Part Record the historic operations can be displayed.


  • Real Time Status Display
    For Part Records and Equipment Instances lists can be displayed showing their current status.
Part States for disposition and activity

Parts (Including Lots and Batches) can have different states that clearly show the disposition and the current state. For the disposition the following basic states exist: Inventory, Scrapped, Hold, WIP, On Order, Shipped. Besides these dispositions state parts can have an INPROCESS, CUED, and DONE activity state.

Equipment States

Equipment Instances can be created from Equipment Definitions. An Equipment Instance can have different states according to SEMI E10.